Trolle, Svickert

Born 1699 in Burhult, Göteryd (G).
Died 1777 in Ljuder (G).

Svickert Trolle. Pedigree chart Born 1699 in Burhult, Göteryd (G). Died 1777 in Ljuder (G).


Born 1699 in Burhult, Göteryd (G).
Died 1777 in Ljuder (G).
Svichert Trolle is said to have been a valet of the cavalry captain honourable Wilhelm Netherwood of the Lästad estate. He was married for the first time 1724-01-06 at Hemmesjö Church to Anna Maria Grahn from Åryd . The second time 1750-06-03 at Skatelöv Church to madam Helena Chatarina Wernik of Torp in Skatelöv parish. It is known that Svickert Trolle lived in Grimslöv in the parish of Skatelöv, and that he then moved to the parish of Ljuder to his daughter Elisabeth Trolle, who was married to the organist there, Peter Rignell. His family relations were these: Trolle (d.y.), b. 1697 at Burhult, Göteryd (G), had at least 2 siblings: Johan Trolle and Kristina Trolle. Johan Trolle was married to Magdalena Svinhufvud, daughter of captain Johan Svinhufvud and Anna Katarina Netherwood. Johan's sister, Kristina Trolle, was married to Johan Colliander, b. 1686, vice district judge, living at Ramnåsa estate. The father of the Trolle siblings was Svichert Trolle Sr, lieutenant 1704, married to NN. He died after he had been injured at the battle of Fraustadt 1706. His father was Jonas Trolle, b. 1637 at Myrarås, Agunnaryd (G), married to Maria Gyllennieroth, who was a daugher of Svichart Nieroth, married to Britta Lilliesparre living at the Askenäs estate, Göteryd (G). The father of Jonas Trolle was Harald (Sonesson) Trolle, dead in 1677.

Spouse(s) and children
Anna Maria Grahn. Pedigree chart
Married 6 January 1724 in Hemmesjö (G)
  Elisabeth Svickertsdotter Trolle. Pedigree chart Born in Grimslöv, Skatelöv (G).
Died 24 April 1806 in Klockaremålen, Ljuder (G).
Elisabeth Trolle was born at Grimslöv, Skatelöv (G). Her father was Svichert Trolle Jr who was a inspector of the nobility (frälseinspektor). Elisabeth died from pneumonia 1806-04-24 in Ljuder (G) and was buried there 1806-04-30.
Helena Katarina Wernik. Pedigree chart
Married 3 June 1750 in Skatelöv (G)

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