Isaksdotter, Lena Lisa

Born 4 April 1818 in Marskog, Älghult (G).
Baptized 12 April 1818 in Marskog, Älghult (G).

Lena Lisa Isaksdotter. Pedigree chart Born 4 April 1818 in Marskog, Älghult (G). f Isak Lind. Pedigree chart Born 13 June 1793 in Lenhovda (G).
ff Per Jonasson. Pedigree chart Born 1736 in Lenhovda (G). Died 29 April 1798 in Forsa, Lenhovda (G).    
fm Anna Kristina Eriksdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1761 in Lenhovda (G). Died 11 February 1799 in Forsa, Lenhovda (G).    
m Lena Andersdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1 June 1796 in Hökamåla, Älghult (G). mf Anders Trulsson. Pedigree chart    
mm Kajsa Nilsdotter. Pedigree chart    

Born 4 April 1818 in Marskog, Älghult (G).
Baptized 12 April 1818 in Marskog, Älghult (G).

Spouse(s) and children
Johan Peter Johansson. Pedigree chart
Born 17 October 1815 in Ljuder (G).
Baptized 22 October 1815 in Ljuder (G).
  Gustaf Johansson. Pedigree chart Born 4 August 1840 in Algutsboda (H).
  Frans Vilhelm Johansson-Stenberg-Boorkman. Pedigree chart Born 1 May 1842 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 8 May 1842 in Algutsboda (H).
  Peter Johan Johansson-Stenberg-Boorkman. Pedigree chart
Born 2 March 1844 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 3 March 1844 in Algutsboda (H).
Died 1 January 1913 in Aurora, Illinois,USA.
Johan Peter Johansson was born as the third child in a family of ten brothers and sisters. He grew up in the parish of Algutsboda, where the possibilities of making a living were limited. The family lived in Eriksmåla and didn't move around as many people did at this period of time in Sweden. Johan Peter's father was a crofter and made his living in different ways, among other things as a rag man. In 1863 Johan Peter moved to the farm Grisebo Söregård in Ljuder. After one year there he went back to Algutsboda for some time. In Nov. 1864 he went to the glassworks in Hovmantorp as a smith's assistent. He remained there for three years. At the end of the decade 1860-1870 there were some really bad years with many crop-failures. More and more people decided to emigrate, so did Johan Peter and his brother Frans Vilhelm. The latter emigrated in June 1870 to America and so did Johan Peter at about the same time. At the emigration they changed their names as many emigrants did. In this case their name was changed from Johansson to Stenberg. In USA Johan Peter worked as a wheelwright in Burlington, Iowa, where he settled down for a while. He married Kristina Sofia Eriksdotter. During this first period of time there was another change of names - now from Stenberg to Boorkman. Frans was even changed to Frank and Johan to John. The John Peter Boorkman family moved later on to Madison, Indiana, where John Peter eventually died in January 1913.
  Emma Lisa Johansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 11 June 1846 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 14 June 1846 in Algutsboda (H).
  Charlotta Johansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 28 January 1849 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 8 February 1849 in Algutsboda (H).
  Johanna Kristina Johansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 8 September 1851 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 20 September 1851 in Algutsboda (H).
  Mathilda Johansdotter. Pedigree chart Matilda Johansdotter is said to be an infant teacher according to the church register 1881-1890 in Algutsboda (GID 2.48.1700).
Born 15 September 1854 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 20 September 1854 in Algutsboda (H).
Died 2 April 1931 in Karlskrona (K).

  Otto Gottfrid Johansson. Pedigree chart Born 13 May 1857 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 21 May 1857 in Algutsboda (H).
Died 8 September 1857 in Algutsboda (H).
  Karolina Johansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 30 July 1858 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 6 August 1858 in Algutsboda (H).
  Axel Amandus Johansson-Stenberg. Pedigree chart
Born 25 August 1861 in Algutsboda (H).
Baptized 31 August 1861 in Algutsboda (H).
Died 6 August 1894 in Fridene (R).
Axel Amandus Stenberg's name was originally Axel Amandus Johansson from Algutsboda. In the church registers from Fridene in the county of Skaraborg he is said to have been born in Algutsboda on the 25th of August 1861. Obviously he has done like his brothers Frans and Johan Peter, who changed their last name from Johansson to Stenberg when they emigrated to America in 1870. Axel's profession was said to be glassware salesman. According to the church registers from Algutsboda 1881-1890 the glasware dealer Axel Amandus Stenberg moved to Levene in the county of Skaraborg 1889-10-27. You can also see that he before that had been to Linköping to serve as a soldier 1886-01-02 and 1888-02-27.

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