Danbom, Anders

 Anders  Danbom 1805-1882

Born 4 March 1805 in Sjöbo, V. Eneby (E).
Died 10 February 1882 in Örsebo, Kisa (E).

Anders Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 4 March 1805 in Sjöbo, V. Eneby (E). Died 10 February 1882 in Örsebo, Kisa (E).
f Gustaf Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 12 March 1781 in Horn (E). Died 16 September 1827 in V.Eneby (E).
m Lena Andersdotter. Pedigree chart Born 23 September 1782 in Höreda (F).      

Born 4 March 1805 in Sjöbo, V. Eneby (E).
Died 10 February 1882 in Örsebo, Kisa (E).

Anders Danbom was born on March 11, 1805 in Sjöbo, V.Eneby (E). The names of his parents were Gustaf Edmundsson and Lena Andersdotter. When he was baptized, his mother was 22 years old. Sponsors were Johan Svensson in Rumpetorp, Jonas Uddsson and the farmhand Magnus Samuelsson and his wife Elisabeth in Krogsfall, the maids Lena in Rumpetorp and Adela in Farstorp. He moved to Stockholmstorpet on Dansbo property in 1806. 1820 moved he from home in order to help a craftsman in Eneby. In 1822 he went back to his home, which then was situated in Pålhult and then he worked as farmhand there. In 1824 he worked as a farmhand at Dansbo property. He stayed there until 1831, when he moved to Kättestorp in Kisa (E). On the 13th of November 1831 he married Anna Kristina (called Stina) Månsdotter, born on the 23 rd of October, 1806 in Tidersrum (E). Her father's name was Måns Nilsson, born on the 11th of November 1762 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E) and his mother's was Lena Jönsdotter and she was on the 12th of January 1782 inV.Eneby (E). Stina worked as a maid at her parents in Kättestorp and they were married on the farm in Kättestorp. Here they lived until March 17, 1839, when they moved to Månhult Frälsegård in Malexander (E), where they farmed. On the 29th of October 1848 they moved to Kisa socken and became owners of the farm Älekullen, which belonged to Örsebo. In 1850 they went to Örsebo Norrgård Rusthåll number 21, where they lived for a while. Later Anders Danbom became the owner of still another farm besides Örsebo. It was situated in Someke in Tidersrum (E). Both these estates were situated in Östergötland, not too far apart. He leased out Örsebo to his son-in-law and his daughter, Karl August Johansson and Kristina Mathilda, who then were newly-married (1871). They stayed there for six years, then they moved to Anders' other farm in Someke. Anders Danbom lived on his farm in Örsebo at the time of his death, that occurred on the 10th of February, 1882. He was 76 years, 10 months and 28 days old.

Spouse(s) and children
Kristina (Stina) Månsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 22 October 1806 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E).
Died 1897 in Stanton, Iowa, USA.
Anna Kristina Månsdotter was one of Nils Magnus Månsson's sisters. He was the father of Magnus Vilhelm. Stina was maid at her parents in Kättestorp and she was married to Anders Danbom at the estate in Kättestorp, Kisa (E). Here they lived until March 17, 1839 when they moved to Månhult Frälsegård in Malexander (E), where they were farming. On October 29, 1848, they moved to Kisa (E) and became the owners of the farm Älekullen, as belonging to Örsebo. In 1850 they left for Örsebo Norrgård Rusthåll nr 21, where they then lived. Later Anders Danbom became owner of another farm besides Örsebo. It was in Someke in Tidersrum (E). When her husband Anders Danbom died in 1882, Stina Månsdotter travelled with her daughter Mathilda Kristina and her man Carl August Johansson to America, where the rest of her children already were. They packed their things in order to emigrate and left Sweden on the 4th of September 1882. Carl August Johansson changed his surname to Youngborg after the arrival in USA. They settled down in Iowa, USA. Stina Månsdotter, Magnus's Vilhelm's aunt, died in Iowa, USA, in 1897.
Married 13 November 1831 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E)
  Helena Sofia Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 25 September 1832 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E).
Died 14 April 1900 in USA.
From the church register of weddings from Kisa (E) in 1863: The banns 1863-04-26: The farmer Anders's Magnus's Carlsson in Månhult in Malexander (E), f.1827-04-20, and farmer daughter Lena Sofia Danbom in Örsebo, f. 1832-09-25. Evidence that they are free to marry from Malexander 23/4 1863. Her father Anders Danbom in Örsebo gave his permit to the marriage. The marriage tok place 1863-05-15. Helena emigrated with her family to America at the end of the decade that began 1860. They had then already three children: Carl Johan, born 1864-04-30. He was put to death by the lightning 1865-05-09 (uncertain time information).Mathilda Carolina, born 1865-10-03 in Sweden. She died 1943-06-12 in USA. Charlothie Carolina, born 1868-09-06 in Sweden and died in an age of 15 years 1883-12-22 in USA.
  Gustaf Danbom Jr. Pedigree chart Born 24 April 1835 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E).
Gustaf was born March 24, 1835 at Kättestorp, Kisa socken, Östergötlands län, Sweden and was baptized March 29, 1835. Parents are Anders and Stina Danbom. Witnesses at baptism: farmer Hans Hansson of Kättestorp; farmer Lars Persson of Kättestorp, servant Anders Peter Persson of Kättestorp; Anders' wife, Carina Månsdotter, of Kättestorp and maid Anna Greta Persdotter of Kättestorp.He moved with his parents to Målhult, Malexander socken on March 17, 1839 and to Örsebo, Kisa socken on October 29, 1848. He moved from home in 1853 to Kättilstad socken. In 1858 he went to Tidersrum and the same year he came back to his parents at Örsebo, Kisa socken and stayed there to 1862; then to Norra Vi socken. Gustaf, Ander Peter and Charlie Johan were all living on farm Amundebo in Ulrika socken. Gustaf came to Ulrika on April 1, 1865. He got married on June 24, 1865, to Christina Margareta Alexandersdotter. She was born August 22, 1842 in Hycklinge socken. She came to Ulrika on July 2, 1865. Gustaf's and his brother Charlie Johan's wives were sisters: Christina Margareta - born Aug. 22, 1842 (Gustaf 's wife) and Emma Lovisa - born Dec. 31, 1846 (Charlie's wife). Gustaf and family moved to North America on April 8, 1868 and lived at Stanton, Iowa. He and his wife and their family went to Sweden 1879 and then came back to America the spring of 1880 to Stanton, to his farm. His wife died March 17, 1889. He remarried in 1890. They moved into the town of Stanton in 1899. He died July 25, 1900 at age of 65 years. There were no children by the second marriage. There were 11 children from the first marriage: Christina Sofia, Johan Wiktor, Franz Vicktor, Milia Albertina, Hilda Josefina, Franz G. Luther, Anders Normany, David Eden,Nidea, Theodor Leonard samt Emma Alveda.
  Magnus August Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 22 February 1837 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E).
Died 14 July 1909 in Stanton, Iowa, USA.

Godfathers and godmothers at the christening on the 24th of February, 1837: Gabriel Andersson from Kättestorp, the farmer Anders Petter Persson from Kättestorp, the farmhand Johan Magnus Persson from Kättestorp, the wife Karin Larsdotter in Bäckstugan and the maid Sofia Birgersdotter from Misterfall. In 1855 Magnus's August went to Gäddefall in Kisa (E) and worked as a farmhand at Jakob Carlsson's farm. Then he moved to Malexander in 1956 and stayed there one year. 1857 he to came to Gustaf Gyllenhammar in Öknehult in Kisa.In 1860 he returned to his parents, who now lived in Örsebo and stayed there until 1867. On the 5th of May, 1867 he received a permit to emigrate to North America. There he married a Swedish woman by the name of Anna Katarina Jonsdotter around 1869. She was a widow and had two sons: Frank and Ludvig. At first they lived in Fairfield, Iowa. Later Magnus August became landowner and farmer in the vicinity of Stanton, Iowa in 1873. They moved to the town of Stanton about 1901. When they were retired, they got a possibility to see two of his boys, Ernest C and Alfred who each owned an automobile with high wheels. These were among the first cars in Stanton and its vicinity in 1908. Magnus August Danbom and Anna Carre-Danbom had six children apart from Anna's boys from her previous marriage, Ludvig and Frank. Frank Danbom died 1934-11-03 and Ludvig in 1909. Magnus August died on the 14th of July, 1909 in Stanton, Iowa. Anna, who was born on the 16th of October 1835 in Sweden, died on the 30th of July 1915 at an age of 79 years, 9 months and 14 days.
  Karl Johan Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 23 September 1839 in Malexander (E).
  Anders Peter Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 15 September 1841 in Månhult, Malexander (E).
Died 1916.
Place of birth was Månhult, Malexander socken, Östergötlands län. Baptized September 17, 1841. Parents are Anders and Stina Månsdotter-Danbom. Witnesses: Parson E. H. Berglund, farmer Johannes Fredriksson of Mor, Miss G. C. Sandberg of Brostugan, a maid Carolina Persson of Brostugan. In 1859 he moved to Norra Vi socken and after that to Ulrika socken. In 1862 he went to his parent's home in Örsebo, Kisa socken. He became a farmer in the same year. He was married to a farmer's daughter, Lena Hilma Sofia Carlsdotter Carlsson in Misterfall on March 13, 1864 by Parson J. Engstrand. She was born March 27, 1839 in Sweden. Her father, Carl Magnus Månson in Misterfall, gave his permission to the marriage. Lena's father was born November 19, 1806 and her mother was Maja Lena Birgersdotter. On May 7, 1868, Anders Peter and Lena Sofia Danbom moved to Ulrika socken. They came to this country in 1869. As they were coming by boat across the ocean, their 2 children got sick. One died and was buried at sea. The other child died just after they arrived. They first went to New Sweden in Jefferson County, Iowa. While working railroading there, he lost 1000 dollars on a contract. They came to Stanton, in Montgomery County, Iowa in 1871. That same year he lost the greater part of his property by fire. He farmed his own 160 acre farm northeast of Stanton, Iowa the greatest part of the time and moved to Stanton in 1899. Anders died in 1916 at about 70 years and Hilma Sofia died in March 1921 at the age of 82 years. They had the following children: Carolina S., Carl A., John W., Theodore F., Anna Margaret, Teckla E.
  Matilda Kristina Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 23 September 1843 in Månhult, Malexander (E).
Baptized 24 September 1843 in Malexander (E).
Died 21 August 1923 in Iowa, USA.
Godfathers and godmothers: Pastor Nils Grentzelius in Malexander (E), the crofter Johan Kindahl in Månhult and his wife Maja Stina Andersson, a maid by the name of Anna Lisa Magnusdotter from Ämtefall. Matilda Kristina lived in her parents' home in Månhult and later on in Örsebo. She married Karl August Johansson from Skälleryd, V.Harg (E) 1871-03-30. They became farmers at her father's estate in Örsebo, where they stayed for six years. Later they moved to Someke in Tidersrum, which also was owned by Stina's father Anders. There they stayed for six years until 1880 and then they sold their property by auction in order to emigrate to America. When they were about to start for USA with their big family, Karl August's brother, Nils Johan, persuaded them to stay in Sweden. He was a farmer on a big property by the of name Selesjö and alerted them not to travel with that small children. They had to buy equipment again in order to be able to farm again, but Someke now was farmed by another farmer. In March 1880 they moved to Resta, Stora Mellösa (T). Stina's father, Anders Danbom, died on the 10th of February, 1882, and they moved back to the farm in Örsebo, where they stayed over the summer. Stina's mother, Stina Månsdotter-Danbom, now wanted to go with them to USA, since all her children already lived there. Anders Danbom had during his life-time never wanted to leave Sweden. They travelled from Sweden on the 4th of September, 1882 and arrived at Stanton, Iowa, on the 28th of September, 1882. Their youngest child, the daughter Emma Emilia, was born on the 11th of November, 1882. At first they lived at a place 10 km north from Stanton, where they didn't farm but Karl worked as carpenter at the construction of the new Lutheran Mamrelund Church in Stanton. On the 1st of March, 1884, they moved to an estate containing 80 acres which they leased. It was situated about 10 km west and 10 km south from Stanton. In March 1890 they moved to Charley J. Danbom's property and lived with them in same house for more than 4 years. Karl and Matilda later bought a farm on 40 acres 10 km west from Stanton and built their houses, which the moved into in 1894. Stina Månsdotter stayed at their house until she passed away in 1897. Now they had seven children. After a while there were some big changes for the family. Karl, Matilda and their sons Charley and Frank and the daughter Hulda stayed on the farm, but in 1919 they all moved to Turlock in California, where their son August already was. Karl and Matilda stayed by him the rest of their life. Hulda took care of August's children after that his wife Amanda died in 1919.
  Frans Edvard Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 24 April 1846 in Månhult, Malexander.
Frans Edvard - born April 24, 1846. Parents are Anders Danbom and Stina Månsdotter-Danbom who lived in Månhult, Malexander socken, Östergötlands län, Sweden. Baptized April 25, 1846. Witnesses: Mrs. Gustava Charlotta Berglund, N.R. Grehtzelius, wife Brita Catharina Larsdotter of Lumpemalen, servant Carl Gustaf Carlsson of Malexander parsonage. Frans stayed with his parents till March 1, 1867, then he moved to North America to Stanton, Iowa. He was in an Indian war, where he received a head injury. He was sent home and he died shortly after. He never married.
  Karolina Josefina Danbom. Pedigree chart Born 31 March 1849 in Älekullen.
Baptized 31 March 1849.
Died 11 September 1850 in Älekullen.
Witnesses: Lars M. Larsson and wife of Älekullen under Örsebo, the musician Elofsson, Johan Nyberg, the maid Anna Greta Andersson in the schoolhouse. Karolina Josefina died in an accident.

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