Bröms, Nils

Born in Lidhem, Locknevi (H).
Died about 1611.

Nils Bröms. Pedigree chart Born in Lidhem, Locknevi (H). Died about 1611.        

Born in Lidhem, Locknevi (H).
Died about 1611.
Born at Lidhem in Locknevi (H). Dead in 1611. Parents were Nils Joensson-Bröms, born approximately in 1510 in Kvillinge (E) and Carin Catarina Larsdotter Ulfsparre, born approximately in 1525. Nils inherited Lidhem in Locknevi (H) after his stepfather Christian Johansson and which property he registered in 1586. Owned along with his brother Arvid the farm Läxhult in Högsby (H) according to 1579 years' armament register. District judge in Tuna 1581-08-30. King Johan III:s court servant in 1582. Lived at the manor-house of Lidhem, Locknevi (H). Lived at Lixhult, Fågelfors, Högsby (H).

Spouse(s) and children
Margaretha Andersdotter Rosenstråle. Pedigree chart Died after 1630.
Margareta Andersdotter Rosentråle had a child called Karin, born about 1605 at Lidhem, Locknevi (H).
  Karin Nilsdotter Bröms. Pedigree chart Born about 1605 in Lidhem, Locknevi (H).
Died after 1665.
Born approximately in1605 at Lidhem in Locknevi (H). Dead after 1665. Inherited Lidhem in Locknevi after her brother Arvid. Married about 1625 to Johan Sr. Eketrä. Children: Kristina Eketrä, dead in 1679, Maria Eketrä, dead in 1709 in Helgåkra Jäts (G), buried 1709-05-27. Beata Eketrä, dead in 1700, Anna Eketrä, Albert Eketrä, fänrik, dead the 13th of November, 1657 in Ölmevalla (N), Arvid Eketrä. Born in 1642. Lived in Väsby manor-house, Horn (E). Dead in 1686 at Väsby, Horn (E). Margareta Eketrä, Nils Eketrä, lieutenant, Johan d.y. Eketrä, born in 1629 at Björka in Tjust, dead in 1669 in Söraby (G), owner of Vartorp in Rottne (G) and Lidhem and Björka. Lieutenant at Kalmar regiment in 1654, captain at same regiment in 1656. Major at the regiment of Kronoberg in 1659, retired from there in 1668. His weapons are put up at S.Rottne church, where he is buried. Sven Eketrä, born in 1634 and dead on the 14th of September 1661 in Hycklinge (E). Cornet. Arvid, born in 1642. Dead in 1686. Captain.

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