Birgersdotter, Kristina

Born about 1450 in Slestad, Slaka (E).

Kristina Birgersdotter. Pedigree chart Born about 1450 in Slestad, Slaka (E).        

Born about 1450 in Slestad, Slaka (E).
Kristina Birgersdotter (sparre över blad). Born approximately in 1450 at Slestad in Slaka (E). Married on the 17th of January, 1480 to Jöns Eriksson Rosenstråle. Children: 1. Karin Jönsdotter, born at Sonstorp, Hällestad (E). Got in 1492 compensation from her father for the land he had given her mother in morning present and then sold to Karl Bengtsson in Vinstorp. 2. Erik Jönsson, born approximately in 1490 at Sonstorp, Hällestad (E).

Spouse(s) and children
Jöns Eriksson Rosenstråle. Pedigree chart Born about 1440 in Sonstorp, Hällestad (E).
Died after 1515 in Slestad, Slaka (E).
Married 1480
  Erik Jönsson Rosenstråle. Pedigree chart Born after 1490 in Sonstorp, Hällestad (E).
Died 1565.
Born approximately in 1490 at Sonstorp, Hällestad (E). Dead in 1565 at Sonstorp, Hällestad (E). District judge/Sheriff. Lived at Sonstorp Slott, Hällestad (E). Lived at Borggård, Hällestad (E). Dead in 1565. He was the owner of Sonstorp and Selestad that he inherited after his parents, Tuna in Rystad (E) before 1535, that he inherited after his uncle, but which had been become his heritage and his own 1551-03-13 because of the sale to Sten Sture in 1491 and Borggård in Hällestad (E), which traded with king Gustaf 1550-01-21. Participated with a man and 20 marker "örtuger" (=Swedish coins) at the expedition to Gotland in 1524. Attended the parliament in Västerås 1527, is noted among the arms equipping privileged class in Östergötland in 1528, 1529. District judge in Åkerbo jurisdictional district in 1535, sheriff in Sevede and others jurisdictional districts, sheriff in Östergötland 1544-1548. Sealed the Västerås' heritage association in 1544, changed land with the king 1555-03-28. Sealed Gustav I:s last will and testament in 1560 and the voting of the ranks in 1561. Married Magdalena Palnesdotter (horns with star) on Tuesday the 30th of July, 1515 at Slestad, Rystad (E).

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