Svensdotter, Catharina

Born 1757.

Catharina Svensdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1757.        

Born 1757.

Spouse(s) and children
Magnus Bengtsson. Pedigree chart Born 1745.
Died 15 October 1808 in Södra Vi (H).
Buried 25 October 1808 in Södra Vi (H).

Taxfree 1/8 farm in Södra Vi, named "Klockaregården". Magnus Bengtsson was born in 1745. Married in 1769. Died in 1808. He was then 56 years old according to the Death Book, but he must have been 63 years.
Married 1779
  Johan Magnusson. Pedigree chart Born 16 July 1776 in Södra Vi (H).

  Göran Magnusson. Pedigree chart Born 28 October 1779 in Södra Vi (H).
  Lisa Lena Magnidotter. Pedigree chart Born 26 March 1786 in Södra Vi (H).
  Nils Magnusson. Pedigree chart Born 9 May 1789 in Södra Vi (H).
Died 24 October 1876 in Södra Vi (H).

Member of the Swedish Riksdag 1834-1840. He acquired a 1/8 farmstead exempt from land dues in Trångrössle, where he lived for many years. Then he moved to Klockaregården in Södra Vi, of which he owned 1/16.
  Sven Magnusson. Pedigree chart Born 26 December 1791 in Södra Vi (H).
  Stina Greta Magnidotter. Pedigree chart Born 10 February 1795 in Södra Vi (H).
  Magnus Magnusson. Pedigree chart Born 25 December 1797 in Södra Vi (H).

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