Persson, Erik

Born 12 May 1803 in Hycklinge (E).
Died 4 November 1877 in Hylta, Rumskulla (H).

Erik Persson. Pedigree chart Born 12 May 1803 in Hycklinge (E). Died 4 November 1877 in Hylta, Rumskulla (H). f Per Nilsson. Pedigree chart Born 14 October 1766 in Hycklinge.
m Anna Eriksdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1776 in Hycklinge, (E).      

Born 12 May 1803 in Hycklinge (E).
Died 4 November 1877 in Hylta, Rumskulla (H).
Erik Persson was born in Hycklinge (E) in 1803 and moved to Toletorp in Södra Vi (H) in 1843. After that he farmed at places like Flingan in Kållemåla, Åhl nr. 1 and nr.2 and at last he moved to a cabin in Ählviken, Södra Vi, where the family lived for a long time. He is described at that time as a worker in the church register. His wife Anna Lisa Persdotter died in October, 1864. The youngest daughter Augusta Albertina was staying at home with her father. But Erik Persson found another wife, Anna Kristina Gustafsdotter from Horn (E), who was 27 years younger and had two children out of wedlock. Erik Persson now moved to another hut, Sjöstugan. He is now said to be a pauper. Together they got children of their own, Hulda and Augusta, who were twins and born in 1869. Still another child is born, Karl Johan, who died after only a couple of years. Erik Persson himself died 1877-11-04.

Spouse(s) and children
Anna Lisa Persdotter. Pedigree chart Born 7 March 1806 in Horn (E).
Died 2 October 1864 in Ählviken, Rumskulla (H).
Anna Lisa had several daughters and her second daughter, Karolina Josefina, became Nils Johan Nilsson's children's grandmother. Other daughters are Anna Charlotta, b.1837-12-13 in Horn, Karolina Josefina, b.1840-05-19 in Horn, Kristina Sofia, b. 1843-09-29 in Horn. She emigrated to USA in 1869 and her destination noted on her boat ticket was New York. Later in Amerika she got married to Johan Peter Stenberg, who later changed his name to Boorkman. Next of her daughters was Lovisa, b. 1845-01-15 i Södra Vi and the youngest Augusta Albertina, b. 1850-05-13 i Södra Vi. Augusta Albertina died from tuberculosis in 1833 in Södra Vi, Småland.
  Anna Charlotta Eriksdotter. Pedigree chart Born 13 December 1837 in Horn (E).
Anna Charlotta was born in 1837 as the eldest child of the family of Erik Persson and Anna Lisa Persdotter. Place of birth was Horn (E). No documents from this time are kept since a big fire at the vicarage of Ekeby 1851-01-10 destroyed all church registers. The family eventually left Horn (E) for Södra Vi (H) in Småland. In 1855 Anna Charlotta left home to go to Horn (E) to work as a maid. In 1856 she went to Låxbo, Södra Vi (H) to serve at Lars Magnusson's farm. In 1857 you can find her in Rumskulla (H) working as a maid there. In 1858 she moved to Kåreda in Södra Vi (H). She changed farm and moved to one of the neighbouring farms in Kåreda. In 1862 you can locate her as a maid in Vennebjörke, Södra Vi (H). Here she stayed until 1869. The same year in October she moved to Näs in Vimmerby rural parish. The banns were published and she was married to Sven August Karlsson 1869-12-30. He originally came from Södra Vi and was handicapped because he was deaf. They lived at his parents, Karl Svensson and Maja Lisa Svensdotter , who had a crofter's holding named Segelbäcken. In 1870-12-02 the first daughter was born and she was called Maria Lovisa. In 1873-02-27 the next daughter was born and she was named Anna Sofia. Then the big disaster occurred on the 22nd of November: the father of the family, Sven August, drowned in a lake. Then the grandfather Karl Svensson was said to be a cottager and Anna Charlotta a widow in the church registers. After this you can't find any traces of Anna Charlotta and her family in the documents of the rural parish of Vimmerby (H).
  Karolina Josefina Eriksdotter. Pedigree chart Born 19 May 1840 in Horn (E).
Died 8 April 1910 in Södra Vi (H).
Karolina Josefina was born in Horn (E) in 1840. In 1856 when she was 16 years old, she took a job at Norrgården in Bjerkeryd in Kisa (E). She changed to another farm in Bjerkeryd in 1857 and the next year she moved to Sörgården in Bjerkeryd and after that in 1860 she moved to Ennebo in Kisa. In 1861 Karolina Josefina left Östergötland and took a job as a maid in Kållemåla, Södra Vi (E). The next year she moved back to Östergötland to Tidersrum (E). There's something special with Karolina Josefina - she always did very well at the parish catechetical meetings and got high marks, like her mother and some of her sisters too. The wedding between her and Magnus Vilhelm took place in the parish church 1864-10-22 and the newly-married settled down at the cottage Spingan, which was an old soldier cottage, belonging to a grenadier regiment. Their son Nils Johan was born on the 20th of June 1865 and his sister Anna Lovisa was born there on the 23rd of August 1867. From Spingan in Söderhult Karolina with her family in 1868 moved to Horva in Tidersrum (E) and then the family in 1873 moved to the farm Lindefall in Södra Vi (H). In 1910 Karolina Josefina died in Södra Vi (H).
  Kristina Sofia Boorkman (Eriksdotter). Pedigree chart Born 29 September 1843 in Horn (E).
Died 27 November 1928 in Madison, Ind., USA.
Buried 1928 in Aurora, Illinois, USA.
Kristina moved to USA in 1869-04-26. She was one of Karolina Josefina's sisters. In America she married John Peter Boorkman, who came from Algutsboda, Småland. His name was originally Johansson. He changed his name to Stenberg when going to America. Kristina got 6 children, 2 boys and 4 daughters. She died 1928-11-27 in Aurora, Illinois.
  Lovisa Eriksdotter. Pedigree chart Born 15 January 1845 in Södra Vi (H).

  Augusta Albertina Eriksdotter. Pedigree chart Born 13 May 1850 in Södra Vi (H).
Baptized 16 May 1850 in Södra Vi (H).
Died 3 December 1875 in Södra Vi (H).
Augusta Albertina was Karolina Josefina Eriksdotter's sister. She was born 1850 and began working as a maid when she was sixteen years old. She came to Bjerkeryd in Kisa (E) in 1866. Next time she moved was to Folkinge in Kisa (E). Then she worked at many farms, such as Kristineberg in Horn (E), Koppetorp in Frödinge (H) and Lindefall in Södra Vi (H). She came to Lindefall in 1874 where her brother-in-law Magnus Vilhelm and her sister Karolina Josefina farmed 1/3rd of half a tax assessment unit of land. Next year, in 1875, Augusta Albertina died amongst those dear to her, only 25 years old on the 3rd of december. My grandfather, Nils Johan, was then only a child, 10 years old. Maybe he attended the funeral of his maternal aunt. Augusta Albertina had a severe illness - the cause of death was tuberculosis.

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