Månsson, Johan Petter

Born 5 March 1815 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E).
Died 28 May 1904 in Kisa (E).

Johan Petter Månsson. Pedigree chart Born 5 March 1815 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E). Died 28 May 1904 in Kisa (E). f Måns Nilsson. Pedigree chart Born 11 November 1762 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E). Died 3 December 1850 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E). ff Nils Persson. Pedigree chart Born 25 January 1718 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E). Died 12 May 1776 in Tidersrum (E).
fff Per Jonsson. Pedigree chart Born 23 March 1679 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E). Died 1734 in Tidersrum (E). ffff Jon Persson. Pedigree chart Born 1634 in Tidersrum (E). Died 1704 in Tidersrum (E).
fffm Margareta NN. Pedigree chart Born about 1642. Died 29 March 1694 in Tidersrum (E).
ffm Elin Nilsdotter. Pedigree chart Born after 1685 in Kjusebo, Kisa (E). Died 13 February 1753 in Tidersrum (E). ffmf Nils Persson. Pedigree chart Born 1657 in V.Eneby (E). Died 13 May 1737 in Kisa (E).
ffmm Maria Matsdotter. Pedigree chart Born about 1660 in Fagerhult, Kisa (E).
fm Sigrid Månsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 29 June 1734 in Kisa (E). Died after 1807.
fmf Måns Torbjörnsson. Pedigree chart Born 14 July 1707 in Kisa (E). Died 3 February 1789 in Misterfall, Kisa (E).
fmm Maria Svensdotter. Pedigree chart Born 25 October 1712 in Tidersrum (E).  
m Lena Jönsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 12 October 1782 in V.Eneby (E). Died 12 October 1859 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E). mf Jöns Månsson. Pedigree chart
mm Annica Hansdotter. Pedigree chart    

Born 5 March 1815 in Krutebo, Tidersrum (E).
Died 28 May 1904 in Kisa (E).

Spouse(s) and children
Stina Sofia Birgersdotter. Pedigree chart Born 10 August 1818 in Kisa (E).
Died 23 June 1906 in Kisa (E).
Married 27 December 1839 in Kisa (E)
  Lena Karolina Johansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 3 September 1840 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E).
Died 25 November 1858 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E).
  Johan Viktor Johansson. Pedigree chart Born 21 June 1852 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E).
Died 1928.
  Gustaf Oskar Johansson. Pedigree chart Born 8 August 1855 in Kättestorp, Kisa (E).

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