Holmstensson Rosenstråle, Johan

Born about 1350 in Gertrem, Kuddby (E).
Died after 1414.

Johan Holmstensson Rosenstråle. Pedigree chart Born about 1350 in Gertrem, Kuddby (E). Died after 1414.
f Holmsten Nilsson Rosenstråle. Pedigree chart      
m NN. Pedigree chart      

Born about 1350 in Gertrem, Kuddby (E).
Died after 1414.

Johan was born orn approximately in 1350 at Gertrem in Kuddby (E). Master of Hjärterum. Esquire. Dead after 1414. Lived in 1384 at Sonstorp, Hällestad (E). Married before 1377 to Ramborg Jonsdotter (Oxhuvud) in her 2nd marriage. Johan Holmstensson was resident in Gertrem Kuddeby (E) 1377 and still 1383, but in 1384 in Sonstorp, which he seemed to received through his marriage. Transfered through an exchange letter 1377-03-24 with his wife's and her son's in the first marriage approvals to chancellor Bo Jonsson (Grip) a foundry etc. in the mining district of Hällestad. Through certificates of 1413-12-03 and 1414 -12-14 and 1414-01-13 show, that Bo Jonsson during threats of throwing him in prison persuaded Johan to give up to him his wife's properties Granstad and Härna in the parish of the abbey of Vreta and Harsby in Skönberga (E). Johan sealed together with Bo Jonsson and others an exchange of land between Hidolf of Hedsiö, Löt (E) and the abbey of Askaby 1384-04-06.

Spouse(s) and children
Ramborg Jonsdotter (Oxhuvud). Pedigree chart Born about 1350.
Born about 1350. Children: Holmsten, born about 1375 at Sonstad, Hällestad (E). First married to Sone Ingevaldsson Schack. Dead after 1368. Second marriage to Johan Holmstensson Rosenstråle before 1377.
Married Före 1377
  Holmsten Johansson Rosenstråle. Pedigree chart Died after 1440.
Born approximately in 1375 at Sonstorp in Hällestad (E). District judge. Dead about 1440 and buried at the abbey of Vreta (E) The owner of Sonstorp, that he surely owned 1410-03-02 and Gillberga (1411-07-06) i Sköllersta (E) and Ravnäs in Konungssunds (E). Sealed letters 1393-10-10. Esquire in 1410. Acted as plaintiff in 1413 at inquisition district-court session on behalf of Bråbo district. Was district judge in eastern dístrict in Närke in 1429 and still 1432-11-11 and then in the southern district still 1435-01-15. Was district judge in Bråbo hundreds 1436-01-14, councillor 1434-08-16, 1436-06-03 and that same year 5/10. He draw "sick in his body" his will 1440-01-17 and probably died that same year and buried at the abbey of Vreta. He built in 1436 the choir in Hällestad's church. In his will he gave the abbey of Vadstena a gray horse, that he had got from the councillor Erengisle Niclisson d.y and his armour and in addition 40 marks, which then were valid in Västergötland, for his last resting-place at the cathedral of Linköping 20 marks, priest in Linköping 'åtting' (=Swedish measure) land at Kullisbro, Hällestad's church, his farm in Prästköpe for his, his wife's and his children's souls, half to the church and half to the priest, the vicar Laurentz Elifsson. His black skirt with skin, to the abbey of Vreta a cloth for the foot, the choir priest in Linköping 6 marks, the abbey of Eskilstuna 2 marks, the abbey of monks in Skänninge 4 marks, the abbey of nuns in the same town 4 marks, the abbey of Linköping 4 marks, the abbey of Krokek 4 marks, the church of Flistads 4 pieces of rent in Kättilstorp to eternal possession, Risinge church 2 marks and Mr. Ambjörn, pastor his spoon, the churches of Eneby, Kvillinge, Regna, Tjällmo and Skedevi 2 marks each and the priests there also 2 marks each, the abbey of Askeby 4 marks, S:t Gertrud's society in Örebro 2 marks Swedish, the church of Sköllersta and priest also 2 marks Swedish, his wife, Ingrid, his blue coat with skin, a coral band with all gold rings and all that belongs and his case, his son Erik his armour, his collar and his statute book, Jöns Mört, his page, a farm in Skenistorp, as long he and his daughter Catharina lived, Olof Sigvidsson, his farmer, his gray skirt with leather. For the execution of this will, his dear son Erik, Mr. Ambjörn, pastor in Risinge, Mr. Laurentz, vicar in Hällestad (E), and his wife Ingrid were responsible. Married 1:o to Margareta Jönsdotter. Married 2:o to Ingrid. Dead after 1440.

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