Gudmundsdotter, Beata

Born 1645 in Hycklinge (E).

Beata Gudmundsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1645 in Hycklinge (E). f Gudmund Månsson. Pedigree chart Died about 1664 in Horn (E).
m Tora Sigfridsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1620 in Horn (E).      

Born 1645 in Hycklinge (E).
Out of wedlock she had a son named Johan Arvidsson. She lived about 1678 in Horn (E). According to M D Ramstedts genealogical table she was married to Arvid Eketrä.

Spouse(s) and children
Arvid Eketrä. Pedigree chart Born 18 May 1642.
Died 13 March 1686 in Väsby, Horn (E).
Captain in the Swedish army. Born in 1642. Lived at Väsby manor-house, Horn (E). Dead in 1686 in Väsby, Horn (E). Out of wedlock he had a son called Johan Arvidsson with Beata Gudmundsdotter according to Swedish genealogical tables 233/5:1997.
  Johan Arvidsson. Pedigree chart Born 19 January 1678 in Måla, Horn (E).
Died 27 April 1755 in Bromhult, Kisa (E).
Farmer from Bromhult, Kisa (E). Estate inventory 1755-06-03. The son of Arvid Eketrä and Beata Gudmundsdotter. Honest country man. Born 1678-01-19 in Måla, Horn (E). Dead 1755-04-27 in Bromhult, Kisa (E). According to the register of deaths he was 76 years old at his death. Married about 1705 to Gunilla Månsdotter, born 1678-01-19 in Måla, Horn (E).

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