Larsson, Jan (Johan)

Born 5 October 1755 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
Baptized 9 October 1755 in Bomheden, Ölme (S).

Jan (Johan) Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 5 October 1755 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S). f Lars Hansson. Pedigree chart Born 1720 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S). ff Hans Månsson. Pedigree chart Born 18 December 1689 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S). fff Måns Hansson. Pedigree chart  
ffm Sigrid Persdotter. Pedigree chart Born about 1647. Died 18 December 1704 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).  
fm Margareta Sarvasdotter. Pedigree chart Born 27 August 1690 in Kroppa (S). Died about 1733 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S). fmf Sarva Eriksson. Pedigree chart Born 1660. fmff Erik Sarvasson. Pedigree chart Born 1625. Died 1705 in Kroppa (S).
fmfm Margareta Illersdotter Lagreff. Pedigree chart Born 1628. Died 1688 in Kroppa (S).
fmm Margareta . Pedigree chart  
m Annika Jansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1725.      

Born 5 October 1755 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
Baptized 9 October 1755 in Bomheden, Ölme (S).

Spouse(s) and children
Annika Larsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1749 in Lungsund (S).
Died 1802 in Ölme (S).
According to the parish registers Annika got high marks understanding Christian dogmas.
Married 3 September 1785 in Lungsund (S)
  Maja Jansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1778 in Lungsund (S).
  Lars Jansson. Pedigree chart Born 28 October 1785 in Gräsbäcken, Lungsund (S).
Baptized 31 October 1785 in Lungsund (S).
Died 1 February 1849 in Ämten, Lungsund (S).
Buried 11 February 1849 in Lungsund (S).
Lars Jansson was born in Gräsbäcken in the parish of Lungsund in Värmland. In the parish register you can find him at his father's farm, Bomheden, Ölme 1805-09. In 1810 he moved to Lilla Lerdala common land in Ölme (S), in 1811 he settled down in Stenåsen, Lilla Lerdala. Later on he moved with his family to Bomvreten, Ölme (S). Next move is to Ämterud (S). In the church registers of 1831-1835 it is remarked that Lars Jansson has been violating the law and been punished for unlawful casting at Kungskogshyttan. In the church registration period of 1836-1840 it is being said about the remaining family, Lars Jansson, his wife Lena Olsdotter and his son Henrik, that they were vagrants.
  Anna Jansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1795 in Bomheden, Ölme (S).
Ellika Svensdotter. Pedigree chart Born 30 October 1770 in Månstad, Ölme (S).
Baptized 31 October 1770 in Ölme (S).
Elika Svensdotter was born out of wedlock in Månstad, Ölme in 1770. Sven Jernberg from S. Hållerud was said to be her father. Her mother was Stina Persdotter, who married Hinric Hindricsson in 1774. She got several children with him (Maria,Per,Anders,Stina, Catharina). In 1786 Ellika moved to Labberud as a maid. In the parish register she is now called Ellica Hindricsdotter. Next year, 1787, she moved to Bråten. Her name now is Ellika Svensdotter again. She moved in 1789 to N. Rudsberg, but in 1790 she returned to her mother Stina in Månstad, Ölme, where she stayed for a period of time. In 1797 she gave out of wedlock birth to a son, who was called Nils Nilsson after his father. The exact date of birth was 1797-06-25. Ellika Svensdotter married Jan Larsson of Bomheden some time after 1802, when Jan's first wife Annika died.

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