Sjöstedt, Maria

Born 5 March 1867 in Råneå (BD).

Maria Sjöstedt. Pedigree chart Born 5 March 1867 in Råneå (BD).


Born 5 March 1867 in Råneå (BD).

Spouse(s) and children
Anders Jansson-Fallberg. Pedigree chart
Born 29 October 1866 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Anders Jansson emigrated to America 1890-11-18. He returned to Sweden from Iowa, USA, 1893-07-16. He had changed his surname from Jansson to Fallberg. He married Anna Kajsa Eriksson 1896-05-25. His 2nd marriage was to Maria Sjöstedt 1898-03-05.
Married 5 March 1898
  Stina Fallberg-Nilsson. Pedigree chart Born 5 May 1899.
Died 26 January 1973 in Segmon, Ed (S).
  Anders Yngve Fallberg. Pedigree chart Born 20 August 1909 in Östra Fågelvik (S).
Died 19 July 1994 in Norrstrand, Karlstad (S).

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