Boegen, Arthur Clarence

 Arthur Clarence Boegen 1901-1998

Born 7 December 1901.
Died 7 February 1998.

Arthur Clarence Boegen. Pedigree chart Born 7 December 1901. Died 7 February 1998. f Martin Louis Boegen. Pedigree chart Born 24 August 1866 in Mankato, Minnesota, USA. ff Henry Julius Boegen. Pedigree chart Born 15 October 1824 in Lottert Common Dethlomon Canton D Arlon Luxemburg, Belgium.    
fm Mary Louise Bainer. Pedigree chart Born 25 November 1836 in Bethlehem, Ohio, USA.    
m Albertina Wilhelmina Voight (Vogt). Pedigree chart Born 20 February 1870 in Posen, Germany (Preussia).      

Born 7 December 1901.
Died 7 February 1998.

Spouse(s) and children
Marguerite Boegen (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 2 July 1911.
Died 2002.
  Arlene Marlette Christie (Boegen). Pedigree chart Born 20 March 1936.
Arlene Marlette has three Children: Debra (Debbie), b. 1958-07-30 in Park Ridge, Illinois, David, b. 1970-06-13 in Bellevue, Nebraska and Mailyn (adopted) b. 1966-09-11 in Cantho, South Vietnam.
  David Arthur Boegen. Pedigree chart Born 27 November 1937.

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