Boegen (Seaquist), Marguerite

 Marguerite  Boegen (Seaquist) 1911-2002

Born 2 July 1911.
Died 2002.

Marguerite Boegen (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 2 July 1911. Died 2002. f David Richard Larsson (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 9 February 1890 in Uppsjön, Visnum (S). Died 16 November 1946 in Illinois, USA. ff Lars Jansson (Larsson). Pedigree chart Born 1 June 1840 in Kungskogstorp, Lungsund (S). Died 27 April 1918 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Farm labourer.
fff Jan (Johan) Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 1 September 1810 in Stenåsen, Ölme (S). ffff Lars Jansson. Pedigree chart Born 28 October 1785 in Gräsbäcken, Lungsund (S). Died 1 February 1849 in Ämten, Lungsund (S).
fffm Lena Olsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1784 in Lungsund (S). Died 16 June 1856 in Ämterud, Lungsund (S).
ffm Kajsa Bengtsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 19 June 1811 in Kungskogstorp, Lungsund (S). ffmf Bengt Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 12 January 1783 in Väse (S). Died at the age of 65 years 6 months 12 June 1848 in Kungskogstorp, Lungsund (S).
ffmm Anna Olsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 3 October 1780 in Kungskogstorp, Lungsund (S). Died 11 January 1856 in Kungskogstorp, Lungsund (S).
fm Anna Lovisa Jansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 28 January 1850 in Kappstad, Östra Fågelvik (S). Died 8 January 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. fmf Jan (Johan) Magnusson. Pedigree chart Born 14 September 1818 in Västra Sten, Hedås, Lungsund (S). fmff Magnus Olsson. Pedigree chart Born 31 October 1790.
fmfm Stina Jansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 21 October 1795 in Västra Sten, Hedås, Lungsund (S).
fmm Anna Andersdotter. Pedigree chart Born 13 June 1823 in Kappstad, Östra Fågelvik (S). fmmf Anders Pärsson (Pettersson). Pedigree chart Born 18 September 1786 in Kappstad, Östra Fågelvik (S).
fmmm Anna Andersdotter. Pedigree chart Born 21 February 1784 in Stavnäs, Östra Fågelvik (S).
m Elizabeth Roselle Bainer. Pedigree chart Born 1887.      

Born 2 July 1911.
Died 2002.

Spouse(s) and children
Arthur Clarence Boegen. Pedigree chart Born 7 December 1901.
Died 7 February 1998.
  Arlene Marlette Christie (Boegen). Pedigree chart Born 20 March 1936.
Arlene Marlette has three Children: Debra (Debbie), b. 1958-07-30 in Park Ridge, Illinois, David, b. 1970-06-13 in Bellevue, Nebraska and Mailyn (adopted) b. 1966-09-11 in Cantho, South Vietnam.
  David Arthur Boegen. Pedigree chart Born 27 November 1937.

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