Högberg, Per

 Per  Högberg 1917-1998

Born 29 March 1917 in Sollefteå (Y).
Died 3 April 1998 in Sollefteå (Y).

Per Högberg. Pedigree chart Born 29 March 1917 in Sollefteå (Y). Died 3 April 1998 in Sollefteå (Y).


Born 29 March 1917 in Sollefteå (Y).
Died 3 April 1998 in Sollefteå (Y).

Per Högberg was born in Sollefteå and grew up there. His father Knut Högberg was a shoe dealer and had a shoe shop called C.J.Högberg. Per followed in his father's footsteps and became a shoe dealer himself. He started up a shoe shop called Skokompaniet and carried it on for some years. Then he took over his father's shop and managed it until his pensioning. Per was married to Kajsa Samuel-Högberg and had 3 children with her: Ulla-Karin, Per-Arne and Agneta. Per was a member of Sollefteå Missionförsamling throughout his life. He was very interested in music and was a leader of choirs and music groups in the church. Per died after a period of illness 88 years old in 1998. He is buried in Sollefteå.

Spouse(s) and children
Kajsa Högberg. Pedigree chart Born 19 October 1919 in Mellerud, Dalsland (O).
Kajsa was the youngest child in the family and only one year old when her parents in 1920 moved to Limhamn, Malmö, in Skåne, Sweden. Since her father Samuel was a minister at the church of Svenska Missionförbundet in Limhamn, she was early practising singing and music. She met her man to be Per Högberg when visiting her sister Annie in Sollefteå. After the marriage Kajsa moved to Sollefteå and settled down with Per. Soon there were children coming: Ulla-Karin, Per-Arne and Agneta. Like her husband Per she was engaged in the music at the church and was an organist and pianist for many years. She even worked together with Per in the sho shop for a considerable long time. Kajsa is still living in Sollefteå, where even her daugher Agneta lives.
Married 26 November 1943 in Malmö (M)

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