Pettersdotter Jansson, Maria

Born 21 November 1843 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Baptized 25 November 1843 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Died 18 March 1882 in Uppsjön,Visnum (S).
Buried 26 March 1882 in Uppsjön, Visnum (S).

Maria Pettersdotter Jansson. Pedigree chart Born 21 November 1843 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S). Died 18 March 1882 in Uppsjön,Visnum (S). f Petter Jansson. Pedigree chart Born 28 July 1805 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S). Died 7 April 1863 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
ff Jan (Johan) Nilsson. Pedigree chart Born 1 March 1774 in Viggetorp, Hytteskogen, Lungsund (S). Died 10 April 1846 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S). fff Nils Jonsson. Pedigree chart Born 14 September 1740 in Viggetorp, Hytteskogen, Lungsund (S). ffff Jonas Nilsson. Pedigree chart Born 1712 in Näs, Bjurtjärn (S).
fffm Malin Danielsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1716.
ffm Britta Jansdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1739.  
fm Stina Petersdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1 July 1780.    
m Kajsa Olsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 23 July 1804 in Lungsund (S). mf Olof Pettersson. Pedigree chart Born 29 May 1748. Died 18 May 1809 in Ålviken, Lungsund (S). mff Peter Persson. Pedigree chart Born 1713.  
mfm Maria Olofsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 6 December 1722.  
mm Catharina Jönsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 1764.    

Born 21 November 1843 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Baptized 25 November 1843 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Died 18 March 1882 in Uppsjön,Visnum (S).
Buried 26 March 1882 in Uppsjön, Visnum (S).
Maria Pettersdotter was born in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S) in 1843. Maria married Lars Jansson on the 5th of October in 1866. They had seven children together in twelve years time. According to the registers Maria died from stroke in 1882. Most of her children would later emigrate to USA, one of them to Australia and another, Ida Sofia, would eventually return from America to Sweden.

Spouse(s) and children
Lars Jansson (Larsson). Pedigree chart Born 1 June 1840 in Kungskogstorp, Lungsund (S).
Lars Larsson was born in 1841 according to the census of 1890, which obviously is false.
Baptized 2 June 1840 in Lungsund (S).
It is said in the register that Lars had no "adm.", that is admonition (warning), that he is not free (to marry) because he is "too young".
Farm labourer.
Died 27 April 1918 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Lars Jansson was born at his mother's birthplace Kungskogstorp, Lungsund (S) in 1840. Together with his mother and father Jan Larsson and Kajsa Bengtsdotter Lars moved from Kungskogstorp to Hulteby in the parish of Väse (S). He returned to Lungsund in 1855. According to the church register for the years 1866-1870 Lars Jansson was living in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S). He is said to be a farmhand without work. He and Maria Pettersdotter asked to have the banns published 1866-08-31. Maria's brother Jan Pettersson is the owner of the farm nr. 7 in Kvarnfallet. Maria's mother, the widow Kajsa Olsdotter, was also living on the farm. On the 5th of October 1866 they were married. Lars is now said to be a workman and living in Kvarnfallet according to the church register. On the 25th of September 1875 Lars Jansson moved with his family from Kvarnfallet to to Bråten in Varnum (S). Next move is to Uppsjön, Visnum (S). Maria Pettersdotter died from a stroke on the 18th of Mars in Visnum. In 1885 there's a new maid coming to the farm and she, Anna Lovisa Jansdotter from Fågelvik, will in 1887 be Lars Jansson's new wife and the children's mother. The family was soon further enlarged by 3 children at this time. The plans to emigrate were now slowly emerging and at the summer in 1900 the matter was settled. Some of Lars' children were already in America. The Larsson family emigrated to USA 1900-06-13. The family consisted at the departure of Lars and his wife Anna Lovisa, the children Carolina, Ida, Anders, David and Olga. The name Larsson/Jansson was changed to 'Sjöquist/Larson' as early as at the departure from Göteborg and then to 'Seaquist' by Jan (John) Jansson-Larsson-Seaquist when he came to America in 1890.
Married 5 October 1866 in Lungsund (S)
  Jan (John) Larsson (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 2 November 1867 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Baptized 15 December 1867 in Lungsund (S).
Died 5 November 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Jan (John) emigrated to USA 1890-10-03. He settled down in Chicago, where he married Eva Anderson. She was born 1860-11-15 and like her husband in Lungsund (S), Värmland. He was engaged in churchly work and was to be one of the pioneer leaders of the North Austin Congregation in Chicago, where he among other things was serving as a choir leader, head of the Sunday-school and lay worker. At his death he was 75 years and 3 days old.
  Lovisa (Louise) Larsson (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 29 March 1869 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Baptized 4 April 1869 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Lovisa (Louise) was born in Kvarnfallet like most of her siblings.She emigrated to America 1891-10-09 and eventually she married Jack Anderson, brother of Eva Anderson, married to John Seaquist.
  Carolina (Lena) Larsson (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 6 June 1871 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Died 69 years old 17 September 1940 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Caroline (Lena) eventually married A. Hofstedt, who had a shoe-store in Stillman Valley at the beginning of the 20th century. Later the family moved to Chicago.
  Karl Johan Larsson (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 1 May 1873 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
  Maria Larsson (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 20 March 1875 in Kvarnfallet, Lungsund (S).
Maria emigrated to USA in 1893. You may find her in the Ellis Island register as Maria Larsson, travelling from Liverpool, 19 years old and arriving in N.Y. April 17th. In the emigrant register in Sweden Maria Larsson is named as coming from Kristinehamn and her departure date is said to be 1893-07-14.
Died 19 May 1928 in Oak Park, Illinois, USA.
  Emma Christina Larsson (Seaquist). Pedigree chart Born 24 July 1877 in Bråten, Varnum (S).
Emma Christina went to America 1899-03-01. Her sister Maria and brother Jan(John) were already there. Emma Christina is the daughter who later moved to Australia and is said to have been living in Sydney.
  Ida Sofia Larsson (Seaquist-Peterson). Pedigree chart Born 20 October 1879 in Bråten, Varnum (S).
Died 31 October 1967 in Limhamn, Malmö (M).
Ida Sofia was the 7th child of the family. She was born in Bråten in the parish of Varnum 1879-10-20. She went to America in 1900 och came to know Samuel Peterson, who had been studying at the Chicago Theological Seminary to become a pastor. They married on the 28th of April 1903 in Minnesota and Samuel served as pastor in several congregations (Flensburg, Little Falls, Lake City etcetera). In 1908 he accepted an invitation from Mellerud, Sweden, to come and serve as a pastor there and the family moved to Sweden the same year. With the children, who were born in America, the family consisted of 8 persons altogether, mom, dad, five girls and a boy. Ida and Samuel moved to Limhamn, Malmö, where Samuel served until he was retired. Ida died 1967-10-31 88 years old and is buried in Malmö..

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