Larsson, Lars Magnus

Born 17 September 1823 in Ekhyltan .
Died 6 September 1906.

Lars Magnus Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 17 September 1823 in Ekhyltan . Died 6 September 1906.        

Born 17 September 1823 in Ekhyltan .
Died 6 September 1906.

Spouse(s) and children
Gustava Katarina Johannesdotter. Pedigree chart Born 21 August 1832 in Tveta.
Died 4 October 1892.
Married 9 October 1854 in Bösebo
  Karl Magnus Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 25 April 1855.
Moved to Virserum in 1880.
  Johan August Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 25 February 1857.
Died 16 November 1934.
  Gustav Herman Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 25 October 1857.
Died 18 November 1943.
Emigrated to USA in 1887.
  Anna Kristina Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 18 June 1863.
Died 3 November 1893.
Emigrated to America and returned to Sweden in 1893.
  Gunnar Alfred Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 25 April 1866.
Died 12 November 1944 in Franfurt, IL., USA.
Emigrated to America in 1886. Lived in Rockford, Il., and died in Franfurt, Il., USA.
  Axel Edvard Rupert Larson. Pedigree chart Born 18 March 1869 in Bösebo, Kalmar (H).
Died 14 August 1944 in Princeton, Illinois, USA.
Axel Larson emigrated in 1889 to America. Axel and Maria lived at 1036 East Albany, Chicago, Illinois from 1897-1903. The Larson family moved to Princeton, Illinois from Chicago in 1903/1904. Maria was 41 years old when her last child was born. The birth and death dates of two children, Chester and Ida, also born to Axel and Maria are not known. It is believed they died in infancy and perhaps one child was born before Sebert and one after.The Larson family moved from Princeton to 533 N. Taylor, Oak Park, Illinois, in 1923. After Maria's death in 1928, Axel again returned to Princeton in 1929. Roy and Marshall both served in the US Army. Marshall served in the South Pacific. Roy worked for Union Carbide as did his father Axel for a time. Mae worked for an insurance company and a bank, Myrtle worked for Illinois Bell Telephone Company, Clara worked for Western Electric, and in-law Bertram Johnson (Maybelle's second husband) worked for International Harvester. Later, Axel was engaged in farming. In the 1920 Cicero Township Census, Illinois, (per Debbie Christie Rogers) Clara and Mae were living in Chicago at the home of their Uncle John Seaquist and family. Later, Mae was a housekeeper for Morgan and Marshall who were engaged in farming. Clara was a housekeeper for Sebert who was engaged in farming - all north of Sheffield, Illinois.
  Dorothea Otilia Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 23 November 1871.
Emigrated to America in 1891.
  Gustava Cecilia Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 26 February 1875.
Emigrated to America in 1891.
  Matilda Alfrida Larsson. Pedigree chart Born 15 March 1879.
Died 12 September 1965 in Storebro (H).
Lived in Målilla (H) and died in Storebro (H).

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