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Spouse(s) and children
Sarva Henriksson. Pedigree chart Died in Kroppa (S).
The name Sarva may have its origin in the French/Walloon Christian name Servais/Gervais.
Blacksmith at Fors, Kroppa (S). He was a "passer" at Fors bruk 1631-1638, probably longer. He was called "the Frenchman". In the population register his wife was named Anna.
  Erik Sarvasson. Pedigree chart Born 1625.
Died 1705 in Kroppa (S).
Erik Sarvasson is said to be a blacksmith master at Fors Bruk at least 1688-1698.
  Mårten Sarvasson. Pedigree chart Born 1631.
Died years old 1708 in Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S).
  Birgitta Sarvasdotter. Pedigree chart

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