Sarvasson, Erik

Born 1625.
Died 1705 in Kroppa (S).

Erik Sarvasson. Pedigree chart Born 1625. Died 1705 in Kroppa (S). f Sarva Henriksson. Pedigree chart Died in Kroppa (S).      
m Anna . Pedigree chart      

Born 1625.
Died 1705 in Kroppa (S).
Erik Sarvasson is said to be a blacksmith master at Fors Bruk at least 1688-1698.

Spouse(s) and children
Margareta Illersdotter Lagreff. Pedigree chart Born 1628.
Died 1688 in Kroppa (S).
According to K. Lindblom the name Iller may have its origin in a person, named Elair Le Grand, later spelled Ellert legrand and Iler de Gran.This Elair Le Grand was a charcoal-burner at Fada and Bränn-Ekeby (1628-1629), Julita bruk (hired by Jacob de la Gardie) 1635, Västersilfberg 1637--38, Gyttorp 1638--48, Hammarby bruk in Nora 1654--57. This last year he has a wife, two sons and a daughter in the population register. His wife's name is Margareta and the names of the children Johan, Mårten and Elisabeth.
  Karl Erikssson. Pedigree chart Blacksmith at Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S)
  Sarva Eriksson. Pedigree chart Born 1660.
Blacksmith at Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S). Dead 40 years old in 1701 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S). Buried domenica 2 post Epiph. (Jan 2th) in Kroppa with the words: "Buried in the cemetery. The blacksmith Serfwa Ericksson from Fallet, has been living honestly and god-fearingly, diligent in his work, of moderate fortune, ...40 years old". (Possibly Sarva Eriksson was 42 years at his death).
  Henrik Eriksson. Pedigree chart Born calculated 1665.
  Iller Eriksson. Pedigree chart Born 1668.
Died 1725.
  Karin Eriksdotter. Pedigree chart Born estimated 1670.
She lived as a crofter's wife in Hyttskogen, Lungsund (S)
  Daniel Eriksson. Pedigree chart Born 1672.
Died 28 years old 1700 in Kroppa (S).
Rangela Nilsdotter. Pedigree chart Born around 1631.
Died 67 years old 1691 in Kroppa (S).
Married 1 January 1690 in Kroppa (S)

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