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Spouse(s) and children
Sarva Eriksson. Pedigree chart Born 1660.
Blacksmith at Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S). Dead 40 years old in 1701 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S). Buried domenica 2 post Epiph. (Jan 2th) in Kroppa with the words: "Buried in the cemetery. The blacksmith Serfwa Ericksson from Fallet, has been living honestly and god-fearingly, diligent in his work, of moderate fortune, ...40 years old". (Possibly Sarva Eriksson was 42 years at his death).
  NN Sarvasson. Pedigree chart Died 1687 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S).
  Maria Sarvasdotter. Pedigree chart Born 18 October 1688 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S).
Died 11 weeks old in January 1689.
  Margareta Sarvasdotter. Pedigree chart Born 27 August 1690 in Kroppa (S).
Died about 1733 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
Margareta is said to descend from a Walloon family. Born August 27th 1690 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S). Dead around 1733 in Gäddetjärn, Kungskogens bruk, Lungsund (S). The death notice is not to be found in the death book of Lungsund, but she must have died around 1732-1733. March 1732 she gave birth to a son, Peter, her son died in March 1733 and in November 1733 her husband married Brita Jakobsdotter. In february 1733 her husband Måns Hansson gave the church money, undoubtedly for the burial of Margareta.
  Ingeborg Sarvasdotter. Pedigree chart Born 23 September 1694 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S).
Ingeborg married Anders Nilsson Holm, who was a hammer-smith at Bjurbäckens bruk, Lungsund (S).
  Katarina Sarvasdotter. Pedigree chart Born 5 April 1699 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S).
Died 6 weeks old 1699 in Fallet, Storfors bruk, Kroppa (S).

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