Hansson, Måns

Måns Hansson. Pedigree chart        

Lived around 1689 in Gäddetjärn (Svaltjärn), Lungsund (S).

Spouse(s) and children
Sigrid Persdotter. Pedigree chart Born about 1647.
Died 18 December 1704 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
  Hans Månsson. Pedigree chart Born 18 December 1689 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
The parish catechical meeting registers claim that Hans Månsson is born in 1684 but in the birth records his birth is said to have occurred in 1689 which probably is the correct date.
  Ellika Månsdotter. Pedigree chart Born 9 August 1692 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
Died 28 May 1702 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
  Per Månsson. Pedigree chart Born 23 May 1695 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
Died 26 April 1696 in Gäddetjärn, Lungsund (S).
Margareta Månsdotter. Pedigree chart
Married 18 June 1705 in Gäddetjärn (Svaltjärn), Lungsund (S)

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